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In Rising Tide, you are a member of a crew fighting for ecojustive. You live your life aboard a ship, in a near-future Earth where the oceans have risen, destroying many coastal areas. Corporations and corrupt governments continue abusing the ecosystem, too dependent on the resources or too inept to break old habits.


In the story, your crew’s aim is to perform missions to take down the people and organizations continuing to exploit the Earth’s ecosystem. As you complete missions, you live up to ideologies, retiring when you’ve completed one ideology.


The stories are meant to be intense, violent, and gritty. The crew is working outside the law and establishment to render justice. They will witness real harm being done to the environment, to animals, and to disenfranchised people.

Subject Matter

Rising Tide deals with environmental disasters, injustice, and violence. There may be tension between the crew as they debate the ethical, moral, and appropriate actions to take.

Rising Tide uses the Paragon System © 2021 by John Harper and Sean Nittner.
To play this game you must have a copy of Agon. AGON-RPG.com

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tagsagon, conservation, ecojustice, paragon


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I am new to TTRPG. It seems this information is not included on a lot of game descriptions on itch.io. Maybe it’s obvious to most people, but not to me!

  • How many players does this game support? (please clarify if it includes or excludes the GM)
  • What is the average play time?
  • Is there a solo mode or not?

As it is stated above to play this game you want to pick up a copy of Agon to check a couple of references. That beeing said Agon uses a GM and several players but I would recommend to check that on the Agon Game site mentioned above. 

Usually if you read in any game description that it uses the xyz system it might be worth checking that out as well.