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Lord, Why Have You Forsaken Me Review

The narrative is really strong here. The theming is very strong. The satire gets a little lost - the humor went a little over my head. Regardless, the rules are concise, clear, and very thematically on-point.

The players get a lot of agency to write the story themselves in this game. I like those mechanics and how they fit into the rules very well. Unfortunately, my players are less interested in writing the story and would rather leave it to me, so personally, I would've wanted a couple of example prophecies.

I think my favorite part is the Impending Threats. I like that the players get to choose their ending and how long the game lasts (kind of). I think the encounter options are fun and interesting and I got a laugh from some of the lil' boosts.

I think the fact that you turned the several page long Paragon System into just one page is a praiseworthy feat in itself. That the theming and story make me want to play it more is icing on the cake.